Our Process


Our process begins with our website. We realize your time is valuable so we have put together our contact form to gather information most efficiently and get the ball rolling.

Tell us about your project and ask any questions that you may have. Our goal here is to start a conversation around the vision that you have for the space and develop a rough scope of what the project entails. We'll discuss our client process, rough budget expectations, design ideas, and timeframes and determine if everything aligns for us to work together.

We like being small. Our satisfaction is in building memorable spaces and that means focusing on only a few projects. Often times our schedules will not align with potential projects but we are always up for helping in any way we can, whether that means tossing around design ideas or making trade referrals.


Our Process


The pre-construction phase is where the design process begins. We can refer you to our preferred architectural and engineering team or you can select your own. They will take the lead in preparing the project for permit approval. For smaller spaces, we will work directly with you to develop design details. A more detailed budget will be developed and continually refined as design progresses using reasonable material allowances in-line with previous projects. You may choose to bring in an interior designer at this stage to start incorporating design elements into the discussion and making material selections.

We'll enter into a minimal pre-construction retainer agreement with you to be drawn down against the time spent developing the budget. This amount will be credited to your project management fee once construction begins. Should you choose not to proceed, we will simply return the balance of the retainer and the budget and construction drawings are yours to keep.

Our Process


Building a house is a very fluid experience. Issues and design decisions may arise that impact many different aspects of the project. We understand this, and our approach is to make as many key decisions/selections as we can early in the construction process, and then continually communicate and revisit them as the build develops and you have a better feel for the space. There is a human element to building that can't always be experienced from floor plans and drawings.

As construction begins, we will work with our subtrade partners to ensure that the build is progressing according to plans and quality. Our in-house crew performs a lot of the work ourselves and are onsite day to day. Status updates are communicated regularly and documents and tasks are documented with collaborative software.

Our larger projects operate using a project management fee approach. Subtrade and material costs are transparent, construction performed in-house are quoted at fixed or unit costs, and general conditions work is billed at an hourly rate. We have found this achieves the greatest amount of transparency, flexibility and reduced conflict of interest. All of which helps us deliver the best client experience.


Our Process


As we near completion, we'll arrange a walkthrough with you to create a formal inventory list of all outstanding items and defects that need to be addressed in order for the project to be considered complete. Once these tasks are completed and signed off, final payment is made and the project transitions into warranty status.

We offer 1 year warranty on workmanship, 2 years on major water penetration and mechanical systems, and 7 years on major structural defects.